Youth Bursary Awards – apply to do something amazing

Every year in the trustees’ march meeting, we look at the applications for the the WRVS Benevolent trust Youth Bursary award. A chance for 16-25 RVS Volunteers/ employees to apply for a grant to do something amazing and life changing.

Jamaica, South America, Asia, or even here in the UK,  the young people applying for a grant have in mind a life changing opportunity they want to come true to change their future.

The Award recipients are never short of details about the change in their life and how their experiences affected them for the better:

  • “Thank you for letting me develop skills which proved to be incredibly useful during the two weeks, and thank you for your generous donation enabling me to Jamaica, and to enable Jamaican young people to come to Wales next summer. “
  • “Overall this trip was a life changing one with many new friends and experiences and is one that I would repeat in a heart beat. If it wasn’t for the funding from the WRVS I would not have been able to go to Japan in the first place and so I am eternally grateful to them for their extraordinary generosity.”

  • “The trip taught me so many thigs that I genuinely believe will stick with me for the rest of my life and I am so grateful that I got to go and I cannot wait to do something similar in the future. In terms of how this affected my life, well I believe that I wouldn’t be enjoying life in general as much as I am now because I have so much more confidence now and I know this new found confidence will take me far.”
  • “In summary, I can honestly say that my trip to Japan has been the most wonderful, amazing experiences of my life so far and I could not have done it without the bursary I was given. For this I will be eternally grateful for your amazing generosity and I know I will never be able to repay you but my experience has made me a better, more well rounded person and I hope that I can translate this into my future so that I can help others to achieve their goals like you have done for me.”

  • ” This has helped me greatly in my future development too as I can pursue a career as a professional minibus driver and will also make the transition to obtaining a full PCV licence for large buses much easier. I am very grateful for the Youth Bursary for supporting me through my training and helping me so much in my career development.  “

Are you interested in doing something amazing too ?

It is not too late to apply for this year’s Youth Bursary Award

Find all the information you need to apply here