Youth Bursary Awards

Are you currently a volunteer or an employee of the WRVS?
Are you between 16 and 25 years old?
You want to do even more amazing things?
The Youth Bursary Award may be a chance for you.

Youth bursaries are awarded once a year. Apply by March as the trustees review the application in their March meeting.

About Youth Bursary Awards

The aim of the bursary programme is to support young WRVS volunteers (16-25 years) wishing to undertake an unpaid event or opportunity to assist in their personal/career development. You will need to have volunteered for at least 50 hours in the last calendar year for Royal Voluntary service.

The opportunity you are applying for is due to take place within the next 12 months. And your event/opportunity is unpaid and is contributing to your long term personal/career aspiration.

In the past Youth bursary award have contributed to

  • A medical placement in Australia
  • Voluntary placement in a youth camp in Jamaica
  • Distance learning program to further education
  • Residential summer course as part as University studies
  • Voluntary year teaching English in India

And many others

Applicants must provide details of the event/opportunity manager and organising body and the bursary payments will be sent direct to them.

Youth Bursaries will be for a maximum of £2,000 per application. Youth bursaries are now awarded all year long. Trustees review the applications throughout the year.

Apply for a Youth Bursary Award

Complete Form Online

Print and Post form

Comments from Recipients

“Thank you so much for sponsoring me; my month in Africa was the best month of my life and your support has helped me have the chance of a lifetime. I am currently applying for medicine at university and so have a huge amount of respect for my fellow WRVS volunteers who have devoted so much time, effort, and dedication to helping people who are often at their most vulnerable.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for enabling me to have an experience that was thoroughly enjoyable, hugely educational and that has changed the way I approach my life and work. Your generosity has been invaluable. “

“Thanks to the bursary that I received from RVS I was able to partake on a life changing adventure to Mongolia to learn more about foreign countries culture and gain more medical experience for my future profession. “

“I am now returning to school for my final year, my subject choice was very easy. I have chosen subjects that will allow me to study Sustainable Development and Environmental Science at University. I will have to work as hard as I did in India to gain the grades for this course. If I do, I will surely go back sometime to let them know that they changed the course of my life.

This would also not have been possible without the Benevolent Trust bursary and for that please accept my heartfelt thanks and share in the pride and satisfaction I gained in undertaking this challenge.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualify for a Youth Bursary award?

We have 5 criteria you need to fulfil to apply for a Youth Bursary Award:

  1. Your opportunity is due to take place within the next 12 months of your application.
  2. Your event/opportunity is unpaid and is contributing to my long term personal/career aspiration.
  3. On completion of the event/opportunity you agree to submit a written report of 1,000 words, summarising my experience together with photographs if appropriate.
  4. You will give permission to use my case study in WRVS Benevolent Trust publicity and on the WRVS Benevolent Trust website (For applicants under 18 parental consent will be required in writing).
  5. You have volunteered regularly (at least 50 hours in the preceeding 12 months) for WRVS/ Royal Voluntary service.

What do I need to fill in the application?

Once you have checked you qualify, we advise read through the application as you will need details of your current volunteering with Royal Voluntary Service and the project you want to take part in.

You will need to fill in all the sections for your application to be valid

You will need to include:

  • Reference from your Royal Voluntary Service manager.
  • Official confirmation of costings and dates from your event/opportunity manager.
  • If you are under 18 years of age – Written parental consent to publish your case study in our publicity materials and on our website.
  • Any other documents you wish to use to support your application (please do not send originals).
  • Make sure you check your application before sending it and have someone else check it for you as well.

What happens if I forget to include a form or some details in my applcation?

You can always send supplementary information at

What happens once I have submitted my form?

We will confirm receipt to you by email or phone depending if you have submitted your form online or via post. We consider all applications for Youth Bursary Awards at our March meeting. You will be notified by the end of March of the outcome of your application.

What happens to my data once I have submitted my application?

We assure you that we will deal with your grant application in the strictest confidence. And we keep our data in accordance to our privacy policy which can be read here.