What do you know about the WRVS Benevolent Trust?

The Trust was set up to support the staff and volunteers of what was previously known as the WVS, WRVS and now the Royal Voluntary Service.

The Royal Voluntary Service¬†organisation was the original “Meals on Wheels” provider and still provides over 2 million meals per year to elderly and vulnerable persons in the communities across the UK. This is just one of the many needed and practical services that staff and volunteers deliver.

But what about those delivering the service? If financial hardship occurs or a health issue is causing concerns then these people need to know about the WRVS Benevolent Trust so that they can contact them to enquire about the Ordinary Grants.

Grants can be awarded for all manner of things from cookers and furniture to shower conversions and are really only limited by the imagination. All grants are considered by the Trustees and awarded on individual merit and applications can be made at any time.

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More information about the WRVS Benevolent Trust can be found online at www.wrvsbt.org.uk