Merry Christmas from everyone at the WRVS Benevolent Trust.

Staying warm, safe and well at Christmas and during the cold winter months is very important. This is a very strong message issued by the Royal Voluntary service every year to all of the services users. But equally important are the staff and volunteers who despite the weather continue to ensure services are maintained and delivered on time.

The WRVS benevolent trust provides grants to help with making everyday life easier, or at times of crisis for present or former WVS, WRVS or Royal Voluntary service volunteers and staff.

Are you, or do you know someone who needs some help to support them not just over the winter months but also the festive period?

Christmas whilst exciting for many can be problematic for others due to financial hardship.

It’s a time for family gatherings but not everyone finds it easier to travel due to mobility problems.

The weather is colder, heating is expensive, keeping warm and well requires eating properly and looking after your health, home security is particularly important during the longer winter days to ensure people feel safe within their own homes.

Some important advice:

  • Stay safe by keeping an eye on weather forecasts and not taking risks by going out in snowy or icy weather.
  • Stay well by getting an annual flu jab, eating little and often and getting up and moving about your home.
  • Stay warm by drinking plenty of warm drinks and dressing in layers of cloths to keep warm
  • Stay in touch by keeping contact with family, friends and neighbours.

Would some or all of the above prove to be an additional expense that some may find impossible to pay for? …Could we help?

You will never know unless you fill in the grant application form: – making the need for your request stand out clearly…..and you never know we may be able to help.

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