Leaving a charity gift in your Will.

As mentioned on our legacy page, we’ve joined forces with Remember A Charity – the largest consortium of its kind in the UK working to raise awareness of the importance of having a Will, leaving gifts to charities and promote legacy giving.
And we took part in our 1st remember a charity in your will week this September.
This annual Remember A Charity Week, which the consortium runs, gave us a perfect opportunity to promote legacies both internally and externally.

The campaign is not only creating enthusiam among the general public, but also with legal advisors and other professionals who write wills. This helps professional advisors to prompt their clients to consider leaving a charitable gift in their will.

This is a 1st step for us but the WRVS benevolent trust also wants to thank those who have alrea
dy thought about us with legacies. As all donation allow us to support volunteers and staff who needs it through grants giving and help young volunteers do something amazing through our youth bursary award.

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If you want to know more about donation in wills this is a small guide and how to go about it.