Information to help you complete the form

It is important the form is fully completed. It is better to provide too much information, rather than not enough.We know that some of the questions are very personal, but without full information, we will be unable to consider the application. If there are questions that you are unable to answer, please explain why.

To note you cannot reply within 12 months of a previous successful grant application.

What is the money for?

As examples,
a. A new stair carpet as my one of 30 years is now threadbare
b. A motorised scooter as I am unable to walk more than a few yards
c. New spectacles as mine are held together with sticky tape

Outline of Financial Situation

When completing the part about income you will need to record things like your pension, both state and private, any benefits you receive, and any salary and savings that you have.

It is very important to note that having savings will not bar you from applying, or from receiving a grant.

There is a list of expenses, which are your essential monthly payments which you need to complete.
We are aware that you have to buy food so there is no need to mention it, and trips to the hairdresser do not count.


We are only able to help members (staff or volunteers) of WVS, WRVS and Royal Voluntary service (RVS), so it is important to explain how you have been involved.

If you do not have a volunteer number, we will contact RVS head office for confirmation of your volunteering.

If you are still volunteering we will contact your project manager. If you are retired, we could speak to your last manager/organiser, if you have their details. Occasionally, you may have support from a third party, for example a social worker or GP.If they have given you letters, we would need to see what they say and will return originals if you are not able to photocopy them.

All matters are dealt with in the strictest confidence

The Process


Step One

Before you start filling in the form, read through the form first and make sure that you have all the information to hand needed to complete it.

Step Two

When you have all the necessary information, fill in the form in one go. If you need to, you can save the form and come back to it later.



Step Three

Check you have not missed any fields. Attach all necessary documents and submit your application. You will get an email confirmation it has reached us.

Apply Online

If you have any queries, please email or telephone 07968 098275, leave a message and we will return your call.

  • Applicant Information – about the person who needs help

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • WVS/ WRVS/ Royal Voluntary Service History

    If you are not currently volunteering with RVS but have done so in the past, please give as much detail as you can of your service below and the name and details of anyone who may be able to confirm this.
  • Please give the number starting with LM or E. If you do not have a volunteer or an employee number, just put in "unknown". We will contact RVS head office for confirmation of your volunteering or employment.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    Leave blank if you still work or volunteer at Royal Voluntary Service.
  • ProjectManager/OrganiserTelephone Number 
    You can add more by clicking on the plus button at the end of the row.
  • Information about the claim

  • Financial Information ( supporting evidence may be requested)

    Please list all incomes and expenses. If this is not applicable to you or you have no incomes/expenses for a given area just put "0".
  • SalaryPensionOther State BenefitsSalary/ Income of partner if applicableTotal Monthly Income
  • Other AssetsSavings InvestmentsTOTAL Other Income
  • Mortgage or rentService chargeCouncil TaxPersonal loan repaymentBank chargesCredit card repayment
  • Life insuranceHome insuranceCar loan or leaseCar / transport expensesCar insurance
  • Phone/ mobile/ InternetTV licences/ Netflix etc...Electric/Gas/WaterGroceries (including pet food)Medication
  • Any other expensesTOTAL Monthly Expenses
    If you have ticked YES then we suggest that you also contact ForcesLine on 0800 731 4880. They will be able to signpost you to other sources of support and grant funding Contacting them will not affect your application to us.
  • Please specify how else you heard about the Benevolent Trust, if applicable.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 2 MB.
      Maximum file size is 2Mb. If you have a file that exceeds this, please email it to