They have done so much for others … help give them something back.

WRVS Benevolent Trust

Many of our past or present volunteers and staff have the smallest of needs which, with a grant from us, would make a very big difference to their lives. They have made a valuable contribution to the lives of others and now may have need of help themselves. Past grants have provided fridges, cookers, irons etc. everyday things that can make life a little easier.


The WRVS Benevolent Trust provides grants to help with making everyday life easier, or at times of crisis, for present or former WVS, WRVS or Royal Voluntary Service volunteers or staff.

Would you or anyone you know benefit from the Trust's help?

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Youth Bursary Awards

Are you currently a volunteer or an employee of the WRVS?
Are you between 16 and 25 years old?
You want to do even more amazing things?
The Youth Bursary Award may be a chance for you.
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Contact Info

Honorary Secretary
WRVS Benevolent Trust
PO Box 769
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